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Octannia is a Place for all People to Chat. We Do Not Discriminate Against Anyone Except Frauds. We Believe in Seeking the Truth, Challenging the Bullies, and Defeating the Loud Mouths. We Openly Challenge Anyone Outsider That Disrespects You. (Period) Check out Our Extended Pledge Here

ChatSpace Community Server contains a complete array of real-time community and support applications including chat, message boards, instant messaging, live events, and queued help. Top portals as well as many corporate enterprises rely on it as their primary means of online community communication. Backed by years of success and millions of users, ChatSpace is scalable, reliable, easy to use and contains a rich feature set that surpasses any competitive product. - Akiva

Our Goal on Octannia is to Provide a Safe and Smooth Chatting Experience for all of our Users and Visitors. If are Any time You Feel As If Your Experience is Being Impacted in a Negative Way, Please P2P a Moderator or Join the Help Room: #-Help-. Our Dream Team is Standing By To Solve Your Server Experience Related Problems.


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Hilo! I love peanut butter and cherry pie and I am proud to sponsor octannia it is badassary sauce and it takes a bite out of lameness.


Hi! I'm Tiani. I'm twisted but sweet, like a candy cane. :) 23 years young and happy to be of service. Have a question/concern please feel free to ask or inform. See you in our home! :D

Head Moderator

Whats up guys I'm Marcus. I am 26 and have been on chats since I was 17 and have had many good times on them and made good friends as well. I'm friendly, honest, and like to talk to people. Hit me up any time! :)

AdministratorI am 24 years old. I have been chatting since I was 18, and have made many strong friendships. I like to talk to people, I'm pretty straightforward, I have a super sarcastic side that sometimes doesn't come out on the keyboard. I am a stoner and an advocate of being active in your environment. Talk to me for moreinformation, and happy chatting!

Ohhey. They call me Val. I'm a nursing student who loves cats and the internet. I've been on chat for nine years now, and I don't see myself going anywhere anytime soon. Octannia is one of the most legit chats I've ever been on, and we have a fabulous staff team that I wouldn't trade for the world. My job as an admin is simply keeping it real and keeping the bullshit to a minimum. I'd love to assist you in any way possible, so contact me whenever. Stay rad. c:


Yo! I'm Peter and I am 21 years old. I've been around the chat scene since I was 12. I'm from Tucson, Arizona and I love nature! Hit me up any time! I'm here for you!

Octannian Authority

team member
Founder, CEO

Hey Boo. I'm Malcolm and this is my one true love, Lelouch. I am a senior college student who likes to chat. I have been chatting for ehh. 8/9 years now. My job is to provide you with a quality chat in addition to eliminating lames who bother you. If you have any suggestions hit me up. I love to learn. A Happy you is a Happy me. :)

team member
Owner, COO

Hey everyone I am Andrew! I am a high school student & I've been chatting for about 8 or 9 years. I'm not really known around the scene because I took it upon myself to be an undercover chatter. If I do say so myself, Octannia is one of the best places to chat. I love to assist our chatters and provide an excellent chatting experience. I don't like drama and will terminate those who start it. Free Free to contact me any time! :)


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